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The Universal Prize

The Universal Prize is a non-governmental organization. This organization was founded by Abdellah AJNAH and Diana BOUAYAD AMINE in Montpellier (Hérault - France) on October 10, 2023 and declared to the Prefecture of Hérault (France) on October 12, 2023 in the form of a 1901 Law association.
The headquarters of the said organization is in Montpellier (Hérault).

Goal and means of action

- The Universal Prize aims to organize one or more annual action(s) of local, national, or even international scope, in the fields of culture, science, arts, letters, sports, as well as all other social issues.
- It also aims to work towards bringing together actors from diverse backgrounds in the fields of culture, science, arts, letters, sports, as well as all other societal subjects, in order to define, to set up and ensure the monitoring of any action tending to: award prizes entitled the "Universal Prize" in several categories: sciences, arts, letters, sport, gastronomy, humanitarian or any another work that serves humanity.
- Prizes are awarded to natural or legal persons, or to groups of people.
- Prizes may be awarded posthumously.
- A committee entitled the "Universal Prize Committee" can create the categories of this prize.

The Association's means of action include:
- the creation of any structure which aims to carry out the projects of the Organization (Association);
- publications, courses and conferences;
- the organization of all social events, competitions, prizes, rewards, sporting, musical, cultural performances, etc.


The Organization (Association) is administered by a council called the "Universal Prize Committee".
This council is made up of 5 people, elected by secret ballot for 10 years by the General Assembly. In the event that the number of members of the Association is less than five, the board of directors must be composed of all the members of the Association, without recourse to elections.
The office is elected for 10 years. The mandate of the members of the office is renewable.

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