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Abdellah AJNAH

Founding President of the Universal Prize

A chemist by training, Abdellah AJNAH has held several responsibilities in associations and in the business world.
He was the publishing director of a free classifieds newspaper "Les Annonces vertes" (formerly "Les affaires pas cheres").
He was a lecturer for preparation for the first year competitive exams in medicine and pharmacy at INSSEL: Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry.
He is co-founder of the magazine Junior Zoom produced by schoolchildren on the Internet.
He is co-founder and editor-in-chief of the France Zoom magazine on the Internet, then publishing director of France Zoom.
He was editor of the daily newspapers "L'Hérault du Jour" (La Marseillaise) and "Midi Libre", the weeklies "L'Hérault Juridique et Économique", "La Gazette de Montpellier", "Jeudi Tout" and "La Semaine de l'Hérault". He was also editor-in-chief of the Citizenship Magazine and editor for the periodicals www.lacitoyennete.com, Mosaïque and Salam.
He was President of the Youth Club of the French Society of Chemistry.
He was a member of the office of researchers and professors of the French Society of Chemistry in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.
He was an invited member of the Board of Directors of the "Société Française de Chimie" at the national level.
He is a founding member of the European Society of Chemistry.
He was a member of the Health and Safety Council of Montpellier II University.
He was a member of the Information and Orientation Council of Montpellier II University.
He is President and Founder of the Mediterranean Institute of Sciences, Arts and Letters in Montpellier (Languedoc-Roussillon).
He is a specialist in Islamic jurisprudence "Fiqh" and advisor in Islam to numerous organizations.
He is well versed in French institutional law.
He is the Secretary General of the Citizenship Institute.
He has been the founding President of the World Peace Forum since September 2022.
He is the founding President of the Universal Food Fund.
He is also a writer. He has already published "Little Business Secrets", "Aux Quatre Vents", "The President of the French Republic", "Little Secrets of Politics", "The Keys of Islam", "Islam is compatible with a secular Republic?", "Islam and Muslims in France and elsewhere", "About Islam", "About Judaism", "About Christianity", "Introduction to the Fifth Republic" and "Panorama of French and European Institutions" with Diana BOUAYAD AMINE.
Books currently being published: "The commune and intercommunality", "The department", "The region", "The Independent Authorities", "Introduction to Islam", "Introduction to Judaism" and "Introduction to Christianity".

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